Good-Faith Self-Identification

The entire LGBTQIA+ liberation movement is based on the idea that individuals, not society, decides who they are and who they love and how.

How do you know I'm a woman? Because I say I'm a woman.

How do you know I'm gay? Because I say I'm gay.

How do you know I'm aspec? Because I say I'm aspec.

How do you know I'm a bi lesbian? Because I say I am.

If someone tells you their own gender or sexuality self-identification, BELIEVE THEM.

Who rejects good-faith self-identification of sexuality and gender?

Well, a lot of really horrible people:

TERFs, who declare that trans self-identifications of gender are wrong.

Religious Conservatives, who are convinced that conversion therapy will change gay people into the straight people they "should" be.

So-Called "Exclus", mostly young queer people who want to gatekeep who is allowed to be considered LGBTQUI+ and police identity labels.

Don't be like any of those people. They're all dicks.

When someone tells you their gender or their sexuality, believe it. Don't argue with them, don't tell them it doesn't exist, don't "suggest" alternate descriptions.




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